Monday, July 11, 2005

The Banana Ladder

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At first I didn't want to write this post. I thought, "You know, I've already done two posts today, maybe I shouldn't go overboard." But you know what? That's rediculous. This is my freaking blog, so guess what. You are now going to learn about the banana ladder.

The Banana Ladder is a literary tool used to "measure" how abstract a noun is. It is usually spoken in reference to poetry, but it does transition somehow to prose. For an example of the Banana Ladder see the previous post and click on the link. Baisically, the rungs on the ladder correspond to an increase in abstractness.

Ex. life

In this way banana represents life. The reason for this is that the human mind can't comprehend something as big, as life, love, or death, but, it can comprehend bananas, a worn sweatshirt, and the way my grandfather's lips stuck together while he lay in his coffin, repectively. Coincidentally, this is why christian music generally sucks. They are always flooding the airwaves with abstract concepts and cliches... a dangerous mix.

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