Saturday, July 16, 2005

Preparation: H

Today was day number four of the 40 Days of Purpose book. For all of you loyal Dynamic Equilibrium followers out there this might come as a surprise. Well, you caught me, because I didn't do the first three days. I jumped in as some other people were reading it, and, much to my surprise, it was all about Preparation: H.

On a side note, drug stores say that Preparation H is stolen more than any other item, which includes condoms and other forms of birth control. Fortunately, I am not talking about that type of Preparation H. I am talking about preparing for your eternal destination. So which Preparation: H is it? Heaven or Hell?

If you believe what Jesus Christ said about himself and believe what he accomplished on the cross, then your concern is preparing for Heaven. How odd it is to think that, the people you see every day are eternal beings. And how odd it is that Jesus chose to use the words "eternal life." This doesn't seem strange until you remember that people in Hell will go on existing eternally as well. So when everyone is existing in eternity, I guess it makes sense to redefine what life and death are, because we all continue existing after we die, but only Jesus followers go on to "eternal life."

I wish I could provide some closure to this post, but I must go to the bank before it closes. WWJD? I don't know, but he did always keep people hanging...

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