Monday, July 25, 2005

Purpose Driven Questioning

The five biblical purposes of the church are:
1.) Evangelism
2.) Discipleship
3.) Fellowship
4.) Worship
5.) Service
At least, they are if you run with the Purpose Driven crowd. Give them one conference and they would have you believing that without any one of these five components your church is unbalanced. I just don't see it though. Yeah, Rick's five purposes are all biblically based, but they aren't really addressed directly in the Bible. Warren pulls his purposes from Jesus' teaching, but the Bible never says, "And so the church met together, and the reasons that they met together were..." You never get a statement of purpose for the corporate Church. You only get statements of actions. They shared. They ate. They prayed. We don't really know if they sang a lot or if they served the community outside the believers much.

Don't get me wrong. I am a big Rick Warren fan, and generally a proponent of Purpose Driven. I think that it is exactly what lots of pastors all over the world need, someone to break it down for them. They need a vision and a process to take them there. I just think that the Church is such a complex organization that its organs could have other purposes than the five--which are usually referred to as an exhaustive list. Just my rant for the day.

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