Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sin Overload

I added a link yesterday, it points to the Next Level Church website. The Next Level website does not link to this blog. That is very, very deliberate, and here is why:
As far as this blog is concerned it contains very little self-censorship. I generally say what I think, and I can only think of one occasion where I held back because I knew it would hurt one of the individuals that sometimes reads this blog. Churches these days are all for creating meaningful relationships and us sharing our lives with one another, but all they end up with are good intentions.

Tell a churchgoer everything, every temptation experienced, every temptation yielded to, your true worries, and fears. They can't handle it. They look at you in shock. Sin overload, I call it. If you know your self and your sin well, you will scare the crap out of a normal churchgoer. I think that this is the hypocrisy that most normal people (non-believers) feel, but have a hard time articulating well, particularly to a Christian.

The hypocrisy most mentioned is that a Christian tells normal people not to do something and then they do it themselves. This type of hypocrisy rarely happens to people who aren't on T.V. for two reasons. First of all, the average Christian's faith is too anemic for them to tell anyone not to do anything, and secondly, that is not really hypocrisy. It is only hypocritical if the person says, "Well, you shouldn't do that, but it's different when I do it." When your average Christian does something they have "preached against" they feel bad or at least agree that it was wrong, which is not hypocritical.

The reason that I bring up this hypocricy business is that I believe it is intimately tied to a lack of integrity and honesty in the church. All the small groups in the world won't do a thing if the people can't share their real struggles with each other. If you can't not look down on someone who used to suck dick for crack, then you can't be honest. Because really, you and I are just as bad. Not just in God's eyes, in truth.

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