Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Last Week, Next Week

Today is Tuesday.
That would be the first day back after our three day weekend.
I just try to look at it as one day closer to payday. That always helps things. We had thirteen students in the Youth this weekend, seven middle school students and six high school students. That would be a 325% increase. Oops, wasn't quite prepared for that. Mark told me it would happen, but two weeks after he said it would? My bad... Heather and I talked a lot about what to do about this new situation, I need to adjust to last weekend and then prepare for a 325% increase this week. That would be forty students! But this is the launch weekend. First things first, we need leaders. Second things second, we must split middle and high school. (The high school students think that the middle school student's answers are "cute") Third things third, it is time to go topical with the teaching and prepare way more. Here is the thing. This ministry is about to require way more time than someone with a full-time job should be able to handle. I am not complaining, I just know that I will have to rely on God like never before. I know gifted leaders and teachers exist, and I know that God will provide them, I just pray that he does it quickly, I am about to be the limiting factor in this ministry starting Sunday, unless something changes. I should send an email to students on Thursday. We need students to do the greeting that I have been doing. That way I can focus on the parents, because when the parents have a positive image of the Student Ministry their children will follow.

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