Thursday, June 15, 2006

Amber, Will You Marry Me

I was walking along the beach a few days ago when suddenly everything female kicked into high gear. The energy was palpable. There was a collective female conciousness thinking Aww, how sweet. The men, meanwhile, were thinking No, I will not marry you. And don't call me Amber! The pilot of the plane thought to himself, Wow, it's pretty windy today. And the sign on the back of the plane reading "Amber will you marry me?" didn't think anything, it just flapped there. I realized that although this was a pretty nice day for most of us, this was either the best day or the worst day of Amber's life. It was also, the best or worst day of whoever hired the plane.
Later that day it rained pretty hard and I thought about the place in the Bible where it says, "The rain falls on the righteous and the unrighteous." Or in the Jared Paraphrase version, "God is gracious to everyone on some level, and although God can change something as big as the weather, He may have more important things to worry about than whether or not you get wet."
I think it is possible that some of the bigger events in life, especially Acts of God type of stuff, are only meant for a few people. The rest of us experience it in the best way we can in our situation. God is more interested in our response to the tsunami, than whether or not we feel it was right for him to do to us. I wonder if a lot of life is like the a sign in the sky. It is totally earth shattering news to someone, and will affect them profoundly, but we just see it and go on with our day. It's not bad that we don't care, we're not meant to. But lets not forget that God is at work all around us. Screw that, it's too cliche... God is at work. Sometimes around us. Sometimes in us. So keep your eyes peeled.

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Anonymous said...

You never cease to stir our minds. Nice thought, Kirk. I'm trying to stay up on my blog. I've got a few new posts. Hope things are going well for ya.