Thursday, August 31, 2006

God is Doing Great Things

This past Sunday our attendance in the Student Ministry was 63. That would be 10 leaders and 53 students, not a bad ratio. Then on Tuesday we had our first real S.M. Team meeting and their were five of us there at 2:00pm:

Cody: Band/Worship Leader
Kirsten: The Filter/Creative Guru
AJ: Sunday Morning Coordinator
Ron: Connection Groups (although since Tues. he has promoted himself by finding his own replacement. Yaaay!)
Me: Team Coordinator/Teaching

A year ago, I never could have imagined how we would get to this point. My only suspicion is that God is doing something far beyond myself because I can tell you with certainty that I did not do anything to bring this about. Last Tuesday night in a Life Group this kid Evan sat around and asked L.D. questions for 30min. because he wanted to make sure that he was saved. That is the kind of thing that God is doing and the kind of thing that I pray he continues to do!

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Anonymous said...

Finally, the Kirkster is back!