Monday, September 11, 2006

Coming Out of the Closet

Next Level Church had our first weekend at two services this past Sunday. Not so for the student ministry. We had one service for both MS and HS at 11:00am. Not that this was a bad thing. We had 66 students which is an all time high for us, but what was strange was that last week we had 59 students, but this week we had at least 12 visitors. Our total attendace number was around 86, but only 13 or so of the difference was leaders and the rest were parents. The total church attendance for both services was 556, which is just 100 over last week.

If you are at this point greatly confused about what happened this weekend, welcome to the club! Suffice it to say that the student team doesn't exactly have a great handle on what God has done this past weekend, but is that really any surprise? Actually, we should probably repent from ever thinking that we totally understand what God is doing in our world. I am so wary of saying to people, "Well, God has been blessing our attempts to care for and love the students that he sends us," because, really we don't know that! What if God is caring for students and loving them at NLC despite our attempts to wreck it. My real problem is that I am a closet mystic.

A mystic, you see, rarely makes a great leader. They usually make great writers and great visionaries, but there exists within a hesitancy to claim a very clear distinction in anything in the world. I usually just push this tendency down within myself, but it constantly nags at me. And what parents want to hear is definitely not, "Well, we're not real sure what God is doing here... It's just so hard to tell." Please don't peg me as a pessimist, because we have a spiritual obligation to optimism, but a fallen obligation to pessimism. I am a realist to the extent that what is real can be known by fallen people.

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Anonymous said...

Well said. I fall prone to this as well. I'm glad that the Lord isn't limited to my skewed views of Him.