Monday, October 23, 2006

Worth & Dignity

I am worth so much more than I thought I was. It is a very scary thought when you start filtering all of your conversations throught the filter: Is this person treating me with the respect and dignity worthy of a child of God? It's not that you always have to claim that dignity or respect, in fact with our dealings with everyone it is often beneficial to lay those feelings aside. However, you can only lay those feelings aside when you have them. Does that make any sort of sense? I hope it does.

Perhaps an example. Two people come up to me and say "You're so stupid." I can do one of three things: 1.) I tell myself, "Well, I probably deserved that." when the reality is that no one deserves to be treated like that because of the dignity that God puts into us. In this case nothing beneficial happens. 2.) I can recognize that the person violated my dignity and respect, but choose to turn the other cheek. That doesn't mean that you don't say anything about it, but you have to truly forgive. 3.) Especially with believers you should confront that person in love. I mean should we not judge amongst ourselves as believers?

I think that option 2. most often happens in interactions outside the church and that option 3. most often happens within the body of believers although there are no hard and fast rules. Number one happens when we have no self-worth, which is a common problem especially in contemporary evengelicalism. I affirm that, yes, we are sinners saved by grace, and that we have no worth or merit of our own. But that does NOT mean that we have no worth or merit. We have it because God has granted it to us, and in that fact we must stay anchored.

I am worth so much more than I thought I was.

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