Monday, February 26, 2007

Ed Stetzer at Mountain Lake

I'm at the church planting conference at Mountain Lake Church in GA. Blah. The bad part about it is that it is a church conference. If you don't know what I'm talking about just try attending one. How big is your church? How big is your church? You don't look young and cool, are you sure your a church planter? Can I ride your coattails mr. speaker? Please, please, please, can I? can I? can I?

The good part is that I am here with my student ministry leadership team. They are the absolute best. I love these guys. This gives a chance to talk about all kinds of stuff that we often forget about simply because we get wrapped up in the challenge of doing every Sunday service.

I was writing here because Ed Stetzer is speaking and I was really bored. He keeps dropping these nuggets of wisdom though. There is indeed wisdom there. Right now I am practicing the art of listening for God in people that I don't necessarily expect to hear God in. It is working. It is as hard for me at a conference as it is in a Life Group to hear God in students that I don't match up with personallity-wise... If you know what I mean.

My computer is dying now so I will post soon. I love you all. Peace Out.

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Anonymous said...

yea, maybe a little whiney..... and critical haha