Friday, October 19, 2007

Beavers! Faith! Jackalopes!

So I found the creator of connection power. I refrained from punching him in the nose for two reasons. 1.) It didn't seem right and more importantly 2.) The guy was named Dominic and I'm pretty sure he could take me with both arms tied behind his back. Not that he is a physically intimidating man, but he is named Dominic and he talks funny like he has ties to the mob.
All of this happened at Catalyst which I highly recommend that NO ONE EVER ATTEND, EVER. It was a great way to take all of our money. Way to go John Maxwell! Ultimately he is the one who is really getting paid here. I had such a terrible time he should take me out on his yacht. He owes me personally, it was that bad.

So the other day I got this idea in my brain about the theology of speeding, you know like in a car? And I can't stop thinking about it in the evenings when nothing of importance whatsoever is going on. Not that it is about speeding or the theology of it so much as the fact that this is a sin that every one will readily admit to. It has to give you some insight into people's minds. If you think that I'm overthinking it, of course I am, but that's not what this is about. I'm just looking for a window into people's souls here is that so bad? HUH?
I had another idea that was similar in concept to the speeding thing but I have since forgotten it. Maybe I should write a piece on beavers, faith, and jackalopes. It makes sense if you're me. Maybe someday you'll understand too. That just reminded me of the beaver hunt that my wife and I went on that one time. I'm not being stupid, we really went on this nature program and it is so funny to think that we did that now. HA! stupid beavers don't exist to begin with.
This also reminds me of the talking moose head in that dumb restaurant in Atlanta. And the Loafing Leprechaun which was the only saving grace of the whole Catalyst event. I am pretty sure that all of these things are connected, if only I could figure out how...

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Monica said...

Hey...thanks for the comment you left on my blog...your blog looks good...I liked your thoughts on speeding! Hope all is going good!!! Blessings!