Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nobel the tragically un-tragic millionaire

I just posted about Alfred Nobel on one of my other blogs. I wrote about how he changed his legacy by donating his huge fortune to establish the Nobel Prizes.

The deal is though, that he really isn't a tragic figure because he had lots of money. Could you imagine how it would be different if he had invented dynamite, gotten insanely rich, and then blown all of his money on hookers and blow before he could ever establish the Nobel Prizes. He would still be infamous. I don't really have much of a point in all of this except to point out the power that money has.

It doesn't have any of the power that matters, but it does have all the power we care about. Primarily the power to change how we are perceived. And then of course the power to get us what we want. Maybe this is one huge reason why people want money so bad: you don't have to be who you really are.

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