Saturday, January 05, 2008

First SNL back from break

I got up early and spent the majority of the day preparing for SNL. I wrote and put slides together, made notes and went into the office, prayed and listened to music. It's not a terrible day. When it actually came time for SNL all sorts of people showed up: regulars, new friends of regulars, old-school attenders. And they all showed up at the same time. When it was all said and done there were 48 people there tonight. Isn't that crazy? It is truly terrifying to put the result of your efforts in God's hands, but it's the only place for it. My message was about honoring your parents which is tough, but the students seemed to identify with it and I think God used it despite my lack of fluency. Afterwards went over to Marks for some dinner, football, and homemade ice-cream. A sweet ending to a sweet day.

I am writing right now from my bed with Heather fast asleep next to me. I gotta say, it feels great. With all the crap I've put her through and all the rediculous self-serving behaviour we've both been guilty of it's amazing that we enjoy each other so fully when it's just the two of us together. Oops, she just woke up and gave me the evil eye before she rolled over! I really don't know how people in a marriage survive without God's help. Maybe that's it... maybe they just survive instead of moving past the selfishness that destroys intimacy on to the richness of really redeemed, renewed relationship. Heather just shushed the humidifier after it bubbled up... I think she's pretty out of it.

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