Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year... I Invented A New Acronym

Happy New Year Self! I managed to start off 2008 in a royal funk because I was angry at Heather but couldn't bring myself to tell her. So I just simmered and tried to sleep it away for two days. Needless to say this was a bad plan.
In the midst of all this I did manage to play a great round of golf at Stonecrest with my Father-in-Law Ken. It was about 58 degrees on January 1. Not bad at all!

I'm back at work now, which I was seriously dreading, but now that I'm back I'm rather enjoying the pace. This morning I didn't even set up my laptop before I was summoned for a meeting to discuss all the things we had corporately neglected over the past two weeks. So, I grab a huge cup of singed coffee, my huge planner, and an atrophied brain, in a feudal attempt to catch back up. I have sixty emails in my inbox which includes no spam so-because of my irrational fear of checking old messages both electronic and voice-those 60 messages will continue to sit in my inbox for ALAP.

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