Friday, January 25, 2008

Hitting the slopes on MLKJr. Day

This past weekend was Martin Luther King Jr. weekend and I had been trying to convince everyone I know to go snowboarding with me on Monday. I wanted to just get up early and go and then drive back late that night, but no one was up for it. When Monday morning rolled around, however, Heather woke me up at 9am and was like, "you want to go skiing?" So we hit the road. After an unplanned detour, we got to Hawk's Nest at about 1:30pm just in time for them to run out of all ski's and boards for rent. So we went back down the mountain and found a rental place that was actually cheaper than the resort and headed back up.
It was awesome. Heather was actually tearing it up pretty good and I was having a blast. The funny thing was that we only skiid for a couple of hours before hitting up a Sagebrush steakhouse and hitting the road back home and I didn't care at all. It was one of the best days I've ever had. I know Heather did it just for me because she has school work and lesson plans to do and she put it all on hold.

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