Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Poker and Smokes

Played Poker at Mark's tonight. It was me, Mark, H, Dan, Matt Allen, Matt Humphries, J-Mo, Stuart, and somebody. I lost again. This has got to be some sort of record. Oh well, I told myself I was playing for the fun and if I lost I lost. But seriously, 6 months straight? On the plus side I smoked a Cuban Hoya de Monterey that Mark gave me. It tasted so strongly the smoke should have been brown and you could almost smell the gritty hands of whoever rolled it 90 miles South of Key West. It was smooth until about half way through when it got tangy and punched me in the stomach.

Also, I've been thinking that hairstyles change so often that eventually a decade will match up with the type of hair a person has. This doesn't look like my decade. 2010's aren't looking good either.

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Harrison said...


I am laughing about the hairstyles comment, not about you losing at poker. Though that's funny also.