Friday, September 26, 2008

The Perfect Storm

Matt Miller inspired me to post so here it is.  It's been like 6 months.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

I've got a special event tomorrow called NLC Gladiators for HS and MS students.  There is a serious storm battering Charlotte, and there is no gas left in the city (that's not an exageration for those of you in SoFla... all the pumps are empty), and there's a chance they won't let us onto the city fields we rented for the event, and I'm not worried in the least.  I have prayed and fasted and finally feel ready for an event that I planned.  Not that I have everything done for tomorrow, I just sense God in this thing.

It wasn't even my idea.  It was birthed by the Holy Spirit in a HS senior who took up a sermon challenge to grow by serving.  All I did was say "Ok".  We've worked really hard and I think God will do what only He does.  

I hardly ever know what that is, but I'm banking on Him this weekend and that feels pretty good.  Not that I'm super spiritual, but when your done with your stuff, your done.  Nothing to do but wait for God to show up.  

Basically what I'm saying is if you are reading this post please pray.

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