Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Church in the Parking Lot

This Sunday started off normal. I showed up a little before eight to open up the student center and get some stuff ready before Samuel and the band showed. I flicked the lights on, got the slides ready, the band started rehearsing. I even had an extra minute to myself to prepare for the teaching before the band finished practice. So as I'm going to find Samuel to begin the service Kevin Kennedy walks in and says, "I'm really sorry but I need to borrow your soundboard."

"Pardon me. You must have said something else because I'm quite sure you don't need to just 'borrow a sound board' right as service is starting." But, because living with Heather has made me a better man, I thought this last statement instead of saying it.

Turns out the soundboard in the main auditorium went out just a minute or two before service. But as Kevin was coming to perform and emergency soundboard-ectomy they decided to just relocate the entire main service into the youth room. Sooooo, we had youth in the parking lot. Then in the first three rows of the main auditorium. Wooo!

It was fun, if stressful. All in all, we had service and I can't believe how well the adult volunteers pulled it off. The youth was never a problem... we just roll like that. Ha!

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kay said...

way to not voice that opinion!!

good job to your wife!