Monday, October 27, 2008

I would rather die than take your life - Derek Webb

Listening to Derrek Webb again.  Not the new stuff, just Mockingbird.

I've recently been challenged by reading Jesus for President.  Especially the stuff about loving our enemies.  Maybe it's just the logic of it, but I can't see Christians killing anyone, ever and possibly sending them to hell.  And to say, "well, it's sanctioned by the state." really doesn't make much more sense.  To say that the powers of the world condone it so, in this particular case, God makes an exception seems very strange.

Taking a life is in effect saying, "This person is beyond the reach of God's grace.  They cannot ever be redeemed.  We must stop their evil sooner rather than later."  Hmm.

In a related note America basically just declared war on Syria. Not officially of course, but we did conduct military operations in their country.  

Also this is getting long, so my post on freedom will be split.

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