Monday, October 27, 2008

On Freedom and Comfort

I have been thinking increasingly about Freedom over the past couple of weeks.

I think the general perception exists in America that wars fought overseas protect the freedoms of Americans.  Or even that having a standing military with soldiers ensures our freedom at home.

This makes a great deal of sense until I thought about this:  Say the US soldiers don't exist and an evil power over-runs the USA.  Can that power mandate that no worshipping of any kind take place? Yes. Can they keep you from worshipping Jesus Christ?   ...Well, the closest they can come is to take your life, but assuming they are successful then you die and are raised with Christ and continue worshipping Him (specifically, now for His triumph over death!).  So in this sense you are always free to worship Christ.  No one can take this from you.  

But they do take something from us in this scenario, don't they?  What is it?? The ability to worship in comfort.

When you frame it like that, killing for comfort hardly seems justifiable.  But you remember that it was for freedom that Christ set us free.  And you turn your thoughts to the detestable, beautiful, bloody cross.  And you think to yourself: 

"Hasn't enough blood already been shed for freedom?"

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