Monday, November 17, 2008

A Great Night of Worship

I just got back from a student worship night.  It was incredible.  There were so many kids there that I didn't know.  This means that, on some level, the campus student ministries are working.  That feels pretty good.  Although to say that I had any part in pulling it off would be a huge stretch.  It was 70% Samuel, 20% Robbie, and 10% Ron.  I just got everybody together.  So I showed up a couple hours early and had no real responsibility.  I was freaking out!  What do I do? So I relaxed and worshiped.  Pretty sweet. Robbie taught a great message.  It was perfect for the night.
I also taught the 4th chapter of Jonah in the main service today.  It was about anger; specifically anger toward God.  After the message Mike Grubbs came and found me and said that he really liked it and that it was right on.  That was a pretty big reassurance coming from him.

I really want to hang out with my friends this week.  Spending all that time with my Dad and his friends was great in Arkansas.  They definitely have better stories.  But there are few things that I enjoy more in life than watching an episode of Futurama on H's couch or having him over to watch some football.

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kay said...

i loved your sermon too. i have a HUGE anger problem and you were and inspiration to me. thanks jared!!

sorry caleb had to miss sunday night. we had some issues!