Sunday, February 08, 2009

Killers Can't Be Martyrs

What is Freedom? What is Liberty?
It's watching Justin Timberlake on the Grammy's without bombs going off in the background.
But what if our liberty mean not that there are no bombs, but rather, along with clothing, toys, and tech support, we have exported our explosions to far away countries.

Now I know I don't speak for everyone, but if my ability to worship any where I want to, any time during the week is bought with blood anywhere, I don't want it. I'm a believer! We are believers! If you can't worship despite a few guns in your face then you are a part of the wrong kingdom.

For me it's basically the same issue as having police or anyone carry a concealed weapon to church on Sunday morning. I was just re-reading the news articles on the shooting that happened at YWAM and then moved to New Life church in Denver. The gunman killed two people and injured two people at YWAM and then drove over to New Life Church where he shot and killed two teenage girls in a car and injured their dad. He was then confronted by a security guard and was shot and killed. No doubt he would have killed countless more had he not been killed. The big difference is between martyrs and killers. The contemporary evangelical church reveals the martyrs (mostly, because a well designed book by a contemporary christian music group) and yet we would rather kill anyone who threatens any of our freedom to worship-or live for that matter. You just can't be a martyr if you're always killing your enemies. Even in the name of "defending yourself".

Love your enemies. It's hard for us to figure out because we don't really have any enemies that we can name off the top of our heads. So what happens when your first enemy isn't some guy that ows you money and destroys your name-that would be good practice, you could work your way up... but rather the guy pointing the gun at you or your family? Can I love that guy? Robbie says I might change my mind when I have kids. Maybe, but I just don't think so. I'm already a bondservant to a master. I've got no reason to obey anyone else. Especially one so crass as to demand his allegiance with a gun.

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