Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cool Prayer

Finally, something going on in my life which is most appropriately placed on this blog and not on the turbo-super-secret blog.

Heather and I have been praying so much lately about the house upon which we have placed an offer. (I just changed that last sentence so that it didn't end with a preposition, what a nerd.) And I think we're at the place where we can simply say, "God however we can best serve you, love you and spread your Kingdom let's do that." And that is a really good place to be.

In the midst of all this praying something so cool happened. I was trying to pray for someone and I kept seeing the face of this other guy that I know. Luckily I wasn't praying in the shower! So anyway I decided that if I keep thinking about him then I'd better pray for him. I do and I decide to call him a couple hours later. I say, "hey how did your morning go."
To which he replies, "honestly, not that great. I've had a killer headache that won't go away and my wife's car isn't working right." And then on top of that he goes on to say, "I've been trying to fast, but the headache is making it almost impossible to do so." This is a guy who I consider a very consistently positive man. Talk about spiritual warfare.

So cool right? As I go on praying the next couple of days I find myself wishing that this exact experience would happen again. And I've had to let it go. Because praying for other people is one of the ways I serve them. I don't do it for kicks, I do it because Christ has changed me so that I want to serve them and I'm just walking in his footsteps. Or at least trying.

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kay said...

for some reason i decided to visit your blog today. i don't do that often. i'm glad i did b/c now i can be praying for you and heather!!