Thursday, May 12, 2011


I forget a lot.
At this exact moment, I have no idea where my keys are. I haven't known for two weeks now.
I have three separate to-do lists to keep my life organized. Only problem is, I've lost one of my to-do lists.
We all have systems in place in our lives to help us remember. For some the system is as simple as asking your wife what on earth you are supposed to be doing. For others there is an elaborate system in place, be it a Franklin Planner or some other scheme. And we do all this to remember the details of life. The smaller the detail the less it matters: if we forget to pick up the laundry on Wednesday we won't be talking about it in 20 years. However as things get more important the system becomes more important. Don't forget to pick up young Conner from school, or we will all be making fun of you in 20 years for that time you left him behind!

As people of faith we know that there is nothing more important to remember than God. But that is so broad that you almost can't do anything with it.
Try putting that on your to-do list: remember God. Check!
For most of us, we live with a vague to-do in the background. Remember God. And we do this by symbolically pointing our finger heavenward when we score our worldly touchdown. The project was a success. "Well, we got out there and gave it 110% and I'd like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love you mom!"
But remembering in the Bible is tied to the concrete action of God in the middle of our nasty world. It is tied in an ultimate way to the cross. And remembering the gospel changes everything about the way that you live. Only when you remember the gospel are you secure enough, humble enough, comforted enough, satisfied enough to focus on God instead of yourself.

In my next post I will lay out some more specifics of how to do this. But my question for today is, do you have a system in place so that you remember? If there is nothing more important than relating to your creator and savior then there must be a system to make sure that you remember.

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