Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One More Try

One of the purposes of a wife is to encourage you and lift you up.
And then, one of the purposes of a wife is to keep you humble.

The last post I wrote, which was about identity and being born again, came from an insight I had during one of my morning prayer times.  I have ideas that I want to write about every day, but this particular idea had me really excited.  So I shared the concept with my wife and what I had discovered while praying.  She seemed to really listen and connect with what I was saying.  This is important to note, because sometimes I get really excited about things that are, well, boring.  And after I told her all about it, I wrote the post. Then I asked her what she thought of the post.

She was merciful.

"Um, well I really liked what you said to me the other day... I'm just not sure you really translated that onto the page." Ouch. The worst part was, I knew she was right.  It had nothing to do with whether it was my best work or not (it wasn't) and everything to do with whether the piece transmitted the concept well to the reader (it didn't).  I know exactly what I did, too.  I tried to take a chapter's worth of material and condense it into a blog post.  This was a bad plan.

So I am going to write that piece again.  I hope you will indulge me.  And this time, I hope it makes sense.

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