Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Am Least Like Myself When I... with my family.
Not really surprising, is it?  When I go home for the holidays and spend a couple of days with my family I act more like the child that I was and less like the man that I am.  And it doesn't help that I want my sister to like me and my parents to be proud of me.

But that is more than enough about me.  How do you finish that question? I am least like myself when I...

Most of us can think of people or situations that cause us to act like the most awkward versions of ourselves.  We feel insecure around them. Unsure of ourselves. Why?

Because we've got some measure of our worth wrapped up in their opinion of us or in how we perform in that situation.

When we rehearse the gospel to ourselves it brings us to the place where we find our worth in God's love for us.  And that frees us in a radical way to be who we truly are. Why? Because God loves us exactly for who we are.  He doesn't love us because of our religious observance or moral performance, but went to the cross for us in all our brokenness.

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