Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Feeling Toward the Gospel

"Many of us would rather live frustrated in the company of the believers than fulfilled in this flatland of the atheists. The atheists know what they don’t believe in, but they don’t seem to know what they don’t feel. " - David Brooks, NYT Book Review
Many of us are seeking a rich, fulfilling existence.  We are seeking to be truly ourselves in a world that begs for barriers, forces facades, and mandates masks.  So we seek some experience that will allow us to be authentically ourselves.  If you suppose that this experience in an emotional worship service at a church you are bound to be disappointed.

If you aim at the experience of a rich, fulfilling existence you'll find that it consistently eludes your grasp.  But if you aim at God, for God's sake, you'll find him and yourself as well.  The gospel is the only way under heaven to seek God for his own sake and not for our sake.  Why? Because the gospel teaches that God has taken the initiative and that we are responding to that.

Seek God for his beauty.  Seek God for his unfailing faithfulness. Seek God for his patience.  And you'll find him.  And your real self thrown in, too.

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