Friday, May 11, 2012

The Parts of the Bible That Are Outdated

The idea that scripture is outdated is wrong. Or more specifically the idea that there are parts of scripture that are applicable for today, but that other parts are outdated and need to be discarded or overlooked is arrogant.

Why arrogant?
Because if you take the parts of the Bible that you like and leave the rest it is because culturally you believe you are in a position to judge what is right and what is wrong.  Many traditional societies, African, Latin American, Asian, disagree with you about life in fundamental ways. Are you willing to say that your culture is inherently superior to those other cultures?  If your culture is superior to theirs, maybe there is a culture that is superior to yours.  How would you know?

Why arrogant?
Because this statement is based on the belief that your particular cultural moment in history can sit on judgement of other cultures and times.  Even the Bible.

Why arrogant?
Because this belief is based on the idea that everything I believe is 100% true and God doesn't need correct me on anything.  But let's say for a minute that there is an outside possibility that you could be wrong about something, how would God correct you?  I bet he would put a collection of writings together that accurately reflect the worldview that he wants to cultivate in people who follow him.


Mom said...

"The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance."
Albert Einstein ;)

Anonymous said...

So by your logic, God condones, or at the very least is indefferent to the existence of slavery since his "collection of writings" instructs us in several passages on how to treat slaves.

kay said...

anonymous...God knows we live in an imperfect world (in which man will rule over other men) and until Jesus returns He gives us instructions to treat these slaves justly.

thanks Jared! i too believe the Bible is 100% true and God uses His word to correct me. b/c i know i'm wrong A LOT!!

so glad for His GRACE!

Anonymous said...

Let me first state that I believe in God. But this post is absolutist and misguided. God created the world. God created an imperfect man. It stands to reason that an imperfect man, would over time, create an imperfect record of God's will and direction.

But let's say that the premise of this post is correct. The bible is 100% applicable to today's society with no room for argument or interpretation. Are we to live our lives by the rules set in Leviticus?

Anonymous said...

I would love to be in a room with 5 or 6 people that could have an open and honest conversation about this topic without precondition or judgement. The problem with the Bible is not that it isn't the eternal word of God, it is that he has left us here to interperate it for ourselves.
I'm not sure the slavery argument is relivant. God never gives us instructions on how to treat those we murdered or cheated on, even though these too are evedence of an imperfect world.
Jesus spent most of his time loving and nurturing the sinners around him. This is the lesson I choose to live by, love should always be your first reaction, not scorn.

Anonymous said...

Aren't there verses (in the new testament) about women not speaking in church and having to cover their head when they pray? Men not cutting their hair? Will we ever stop talking about Amendment one?

Unknown said...

I know my last post came across pretty harsh. It was meant to explode a view of the world in which our particular cultural moment sits in judgement upon every other. So it was going to hurt a little bit...

I appreciated the comments. To whomever asked if we could stop talking about amendment 1: The answer is I didn't talk about amendment one, did I? I tried to dig deeper. I'm a teaching pastor at a local church and I could easily have told people how I thought they should vote, but I didn't. I'm more concerned with helping people rightly relate to God. I figure people are intelligent enough to work out their faith in relation to their voting habits on their own.

As for the interpretation question, that is the most valid point raised as far as I can tell. It takes wisdom, grace, and a big dose of humility to enter into conversation with other intelligent voices.