Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Who Invented Coasters?

A couple of weeks ago I pre-inherited some really nice office furniture from my parents.  They're moving to a smaller house and their super sweet office furniture was a casualty of the move.  Their loss. My gain.  It also came with a sick bronze eagle statue that, so far, has functioned to intimidate people who step into my office for counseling and to attract passing hawks who start attacking my office window (this really happened).  But I've run into a problem.  My free office furniture is so nice that now I need coasters. 

Coasters are a waste of money.  Think about it. You buy a table because you need something to put a drink on. But then you think to yourself, "this table that I bought to put a drink on is too nice to put a drink on, I need to buy something to protect my table from the drink."  It's insane! So now my drink is sitting on a Bible to protect the desk from the drink it was bought to support.  Is this a sin?

One could argue from an economics standpoint that the coaster has value because it brings a certain dollar amount of beauty into my life.  This is true, but you have to factor in the wasted coasters that I don't need.  I only need one coaster and have you ever tried to buy one coaster?  Add to that the economic loss of my time as I go shopping to find the coaster that perfectly expresses my individuality and I think you've clearly got a losing proposition.  Pile on the psychological damage sustained by being caught in a Pier 1 store, and well, you get my point.

When you receive a beautiful gift beyond your ability to provide for yourself, to sustain yourself, or to care for yourself sometimes you just have to give in to it.  Do your best to enjoy it.  Don't worry about dressing it up in fancy theologies.   Don't worry about protecting it from your runny emotions.  And don't waste your time trying to make everything look presentable to people who won't understand how a person like "you" got a gift like "that" anyway.  The disparity between your worth and the beauty of the gift brings attention to the goodness of the Giver. So kick back, put your feet up next to the bronze eagle and just thank God that he is the giver of all good gifts.  

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