Tuesday, February 05, 2013

What's Up with Jared Kirk and Heather Kirk in Boston

Lately God has come through for us in some incredible ways.  We have a place to live (see last post), we have a sending church (City on a Hill), and we had to know by February 4th if we had health insurance.  When I called on January 31st, they said that they hadn't received the application which had been submitted three weeks before.  But then on February 4th: approved!

God has provided for us in so many ways. He is filling our lives with relationships with believers and the disconnected alike.  He has blessed us through the continued relationships with Next Level Church and he is opening new doors for us through kingdom-minded partners at Two RiversThe Lighthouse Church, and more.

In the midst of all this, life has gotten much more difficult.  In many ways Heather and I see ourselves as cross-cultural missionaries.  We moved from the suburbs to the city and from the South to the Northeast and the change in life-style is challenging.  But God is faithful.  He has provided and he will provide.  Plus Heather Kirk is the godliest, hardest-working, most steadfast woman than I know, and that certainly doesn't hurt...

Thanks for those of you who pray and thank you to those of you who give.

In Christ,
Jared Kirk

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