Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our Sin Can Never Outflank the Plans of God

ScriptureEzekiel 36:22-33
In this beautiful passage, God promises a restoration of his people: a new heart, a new spirit.  Yet before the beautiful promises he tells us the "why" of his work.  He is concerned for his own glory and his own name.  And the people specifically have been a part of profaning his name by violence and by idols.  Yet our sin can never outflank the plans of God.  He will use his restorative power to proclaim his greatness so that the whole world, not just Israel (or the church), will know that God is glorious.
How can I live to make God's glory great today?  I must praise him for what he has done.  I must keep myself pure from violence and idols of the heart.  I must guard my heart of flesh that it does not become hard.  I must keep myself free of sin that the Spirit may fill me, and I must obey the Holy Spirit when it leads me throughout the day.
God I believe that the highest purpose of my life is to glorify you in word and deed and to enjoy you forever, starting right now.  Help my life and my community to declare that you have set me free from sin and allowed me to live in community with others by the power of the cross.  Please work through my work to bring glory to yourself.  Amen.

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