Friday, July 19, 2013

1 Peter 1

It is true that life is such an impermanent thing.  All flesh is like grass.  You can only do so much and you can only do it for so long and then you die.  Our delusions of grandeur are comical.  We aspire to greatness, while generally only the terrible are remembered.  Mist! Vapor!  We come and go.
But "the word of the Lord remains forever."  How can this be?  It is timely and timeless. It is a rock and a foundation.  You can rest your whole life on it and it will bear the weight without so much as straining.  And it points to Christ. Over and over and over again it points to Christ.
God grant us your perspective on life.  Help us to understand ourselves in light of eternity.  And teach us to measure our lives by the word of the Lord.

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