Friday, November 22, 2013

3 Reasons You Can't Trust the Bible

1. It will wound you personally

If you read the Bible long enough you will discover that it pulls no punches.  It speaks the unadulterated truth about who you really are.  All the pleasantries, the euphemisms, and the rationalizations melt under the withering light of the Scriptures.

In fact, when the Bible is self-referential, the metaphor it uses is a "double-edged sword" that pierces into your innermost thoughts and motivations.  If you would like to avoid any personal hurt then avoid the Bible at all costs.  Although, the saavy may realize that pain is the greatest motivator to change, so...

2. It will contradict your values

The Bible is full of patently counter-cultural values.  Sure it appeals to our greatest desires such as justice, peace, and acceptance.  But it also appeals to honor and hierarchical authority.  It repeatedly calls into question the cultural narrative in which we live and the primacy of its values such as personal happiness and accumulation.

The Scriptures teach that different values than your own should be the dominant values of your life.  Of course, the thoughtful reader will realize that all values are culturally relative and that to claim the primacy of certain values one needs an objective external standard by which to arbitrate between them. Perhaps the Bible is just such a tool...

3. It will disturb your life

The Bible sets an unnaturally high standard for moral excellence.  "Love your enemies" is hard enough, but "no sex before marriage" is just ridiculous!  Reading the Scriptures for long periods of time will lead to disruptions in current patterns of behavior.  In fact, it often leads past the morality and directly to a relationship with God as Father who loves regardless of moral performance.  This is even more disruptive than the moral commands because people tend to lose a sense of balance or moderation in their spiritual lives.

Of course, you may find your current life needs a bit of disruption...  The thoughtful student of life will realize that their next life decision is often pre-decided for them by a cultural script that they are inhabiting.  Why do the next thing? Because that is what you do.  For those ready to live outside the status quo the Bible may be exactly the tool you need...

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