Thursday, July 17, 2014

Content, Skills, and Character for Disciple-making

The second most common reason that people don't invest into the spiritual lives of others is that they feel they don't know enough.* They haven't mastered the content. 

Ever hold back from spiritual leadership or spiritual investment because you know you'll be asked difficult questions about the Bible? Church leaders often hold people back for lack of Biblical knowledge, too. They want to wait until people really know the content before they start passing things on to others.


The Bible is huge. Mastering its content takes a literal lifetime. I propose that we redefine readiness for disciple-making by drawing a distinction between the content you need to know, the skills you need to possess, and the character that needs to be growing.

The content you need to know is the gospel and its rudimentary application to life in your context. This content can be mastered relatively quickly.

The skill you need to possess is the ability to persevere in studying the Scripture quickly and in immersing your life in it.

The character you need to develop for the particular task of being a young disciple-maker is "submissive to those in authority."

Maybe you have a different list. Let me know.

*In my (extremely unscientific) experience the most common reason people don't make disciples is "feeling inadequate" while the third most common reason is "I don't know how." 

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