Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What would YOU pray for if...

I recently visited a friend who had a version of this magnet on his refrigerator:

My friend then proceeded to present me with the best idea I had heard in quite a while. It was simple, scalable, and impactful, but he had not taken any steps to implement it. So I quoted his fridge at him. We'll see what he does about that in the future. (not mentioning any initials, BRANDON!!!)

That whole conversation got me thinking about revivals and movement dynamics in human culture. I would love to see a new movement born. One that has no leaders, but strong catalysts. Its content would be the gospel, and its propagators would be ordinary Christians with extraordinary vision and self-sacrifice.

If you remove all of today's Christian buzz words (mission, movement, missional, gospel-centered, just to name a few) you discover that the movement has already happened repeatedly and that there is already a word for it: Revival. 

In order for revival to happen people must believe that it is possible and work toward that reality. And that is where we come back to the magnet. Except, as Christians we focus more on God's potential than ours. I suggest this question: What would you pray for if you KNEW that God would bring it to pass? In this question we have the seeds of revival in the hearts of all Christians everywhere. 

Dare to answer that question. Dare to pray those prayers.

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