Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Married at First Sight Perfectly Captures Modern Marriage

Married at first sight is repeatedly referred to in the ad copy materials as a "social experiment" and that strikes me as the perfect wording. Implicit in the show is the understanding that the marriage is in a trial period during the show and that if it just doesn't work out then people will get a divorce.

If you are a big supporter of a traditional understanding of marriage then this show probably ruffles your feathers. But don't get mad at the show. The show has perfectly captured how Millenials (in particular) view marriage. It is a social experiment. We'll see if it works out.

There is only one minor problem. You are not standing at an altar before God, family, and friends vowing to "see if this works." You are promising future love no matter how bad things get! That's the vow everyone says right? "For better or worse."

And when you get divorced for any but the most serious of reasons (adultery and abandonment come to mind) you are announcing to the world that you are a person who does not keep their word and who follows through on promises only when it benefits you personally. Is that harsh? Yes. Is it also true? Yes.

Now that doesn't mean that being a divorced person makes you a pariah. The church should be known as a people of grace. But we should also be a place where we own up to our own fault when we break our word. That is the start of repentance and the first step in making sure history doesn't repeat itself.

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Donald said...

Great response to a show that I am sure has caught the attention of lots of singles and married couples! We watched the six month reunion episode and it revealed how much modern culture trivializes the commitment that marriage requires for life. What is fascinating is how quiet the spiritual consultant is throughout the discussions between the couples. Of all the experts talking, I imagined he would have been the most vocal of all. Overall, solid response to this social experiment!