Friday, November 14, 2014

Frontline Ministry

HOW you live at 10:30am on Monday says more about your faith than WHERE you are at 10:30am on Sunday.

In more traditional wars there were "frontlines" and there were "supply lines." The "frontlines" were where the battle was fought every day. The "supply lines" were where soldiers were equipped and provisioned. The "frontlines" were where the mission was actually pursued. The "supply lines" were where you could retreat for a few minutes to plan and prepare to re-engage.

The church is not where "frontline" ministry happens. The church is where "supply line" ministry happens. Christians are equipped and engaged at church gatherings to fulfill the mission of Jesus (love God, love people last time I checked) in their workplaces, homes, and neighborhoods. 

To the extent that the mission comes to you, the church is a place to do "frontline" ministry. But to the extent that the church is full of Christians the role of the church is the "supply line," equipping and provisioning people for the ministry that will happen out there.

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