Monday, December 08, 2014

A Message to College Students

College is the time you either confirm or re-shape your identity. When you show up freshman year you can ditch "Becky" and ask people to start calling you "Rebecca." You decide in what way you wish to portray yourself and you go for it. You can add the freshman 15 of pure muscle or start dressing like a JCrew model if you really want. (Or as is more likely you can decide to wear your PJ's for weeks on end.) And as you are looking around campus at the fraternity boys and the girls taking endless pictures in their sorority squat poses, you can't help but wonder who you want to become like. The feminists seem to have something they are passionate about... The well-dressed finance students are probably going to make twice what everyone else does...

Stop looking around and start looking up.

Consider that what God says about you is the thing which most defines your identity. You are loved. You are valued. You are chosen for a purpose.

You can try your best to construct an identity from the outside-in by changing how you perform in school, what you wear, who you hang with, and even how you talk. But for the Christian the whole process works in reverse. Your identity is already settled and firm in Christ. You must start with what Christ says about you and work out how you as an individual will respond to that through how you perform in school, through your dress, through your choice of friends, and even through how you speak.

Stop trying to find yourself, you've already been found!

You've been found because Someone thought you were valuable enough to search for.

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Anonymous said...

I am from NC and I remember having Jared Kirk tell me how formative my college years would be on my life and his message always stuck with me. And it definitely had an impact on me, Boston is lucky to have such a great mentor to their youth and an amazing pastor and teacher.